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an imageFabulous Finger Food
Fresh and delish finger food and cocktail food for cocktail parties or any events is what we are here for. We are good in foods that you need for these events. If you have vegetarian guests we are the right one who will cater your needs. We offer foods that are just right for your budget. You’ll be able to taste our delicious cuisines such as Seafood rolls, Aussie Cold Meat Plattersand may more. Any gathering is welcome. Contact us and try our service.

Fabulous Finger Food - Click here for Quote

an imageCocktail Parties are a winner
For cocktail parties we will serve you foods with a fantastic value that will surely help you to meet your budget. We offer 60 mouth-watering dishes to choose from and we will guarantee you a satisfaction that you’ve never expected. While choosing you’ll be able to determine the amount of money that you will pay for and if you wanted an easy and you don’t want to think further for the food to choose because you don’t have enough time to prepare, let our Chef do the work for you. We have our Chef’s Specials that will surely be loved by you and your guests.

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an imageGet in early for your party
For all sizes of any events to celebrate, we offer you our buffet style food service for that cocktail party you will have. We have party packs selection to choose; from Value, Deluxe or Premium with price range that will match your budget. We also have our small party menu, a great selection of food with a great price. We have our staffs from chefs, waiters and waitresses to help you serve and prepare or delivered but this is optional.We do have bar staffs also that will you help you in serving drinks for your guests and this is also optional.

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an imageSpecialist office catering
Finger Food Caterers Sydney also caters for corporate meetings, office lunches, conference, cocktail parties or any family celebrations Australia wide. We serve you Asian and European cuisines that are delightful and tempting to your taste buds. Where ever you are in Australia we will be there for you for your own convenience. We will deliver and do our very best for you not only for you to enjoy the day but to give a satisfaction guaranteed that is right for you.

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an imageSpecial Wedding Menus
For your special wedding event here in Finger Food Caterers Sydney we cater you cocktail foods that will surely be loved by your guests while waiting for the proper program and whether it is an elegant buffet or a sit down meal, we are here to serve you. Be with us and let’s work for that special day of yours and we will give you an unforgettable service that you will ever have and your guests will do the same.

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